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      Ningbo Sijin Machinery
      Bolt former
      Nut former
      Cold Forging Machine
      One die two blow forging machine
      Die Casting Machines
      Addr: No.1832, Jiangnan Road, high technology zone, Ningbo city, Zhejiang province.
      Tel: 0086-57488365336
      Mobile: 0086-13567842060
      Contact: Cherry Zhu
      Website: http://www.buyheicha.com
      E-mail: sijinchina@machinesijin.com
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      SJ series cold chamber die casting machines

      Applying German Rexroth proportional pressure valve and proportional flow valve for controlling the pressure and flow so that the mechanism can run Quickly,stably,safely,reliably and energy-savingly. Applying the imported Japanese programmable controller and fingertouch screen ,providing stable performance ,easy and handy operation.

      (1) Ejection part
      (2) Applying the Ameerican Vickers blade pump, which is durable , energy-saving and high effective.
      (3) Advances press-emitting and pressure-increase system to ensure a precision regulation of the pressure, speed and starting speed in each part to guarantee quality of the casting pieces.
      (4) Centralized lubrication deive for the toggle system capable of adjusting the lubrication period,time and amount proper ubrication of the toggle system can increase the lifetime of machine and reduce maintenance.

      Applying German Rexroth hydraulic valve and European sealing components,providing a longterm good work and leak-free condition of the hydraulic system.

      The Examples of Die Casting Machine Transtormation
      Unqualified Products Rate Oil Temperature
      Before been modified After been modified Before been modified After been modified
      Improve product's quality Without water-cooled, can still control
      the oil temperature effectively
      Power Consumption Speed of Mold Opening
                   Before been modified After been modified               Before been modified After been modified
      Calculation:1 year 300 days,
      1 days 20 hous,0.7 RMB/kWh
      Calculation:1 year 300 days,
      1 days 20 hous,1 year increase 42000 times
      We have additional servo motors for customers to choose, the motor will reduce product defect rate, lower oil temperature, reducing power consumption, faster mold opening speed, etc.
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