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      Blanking of the aluminum wheel forging

      For the aluminum wheel forging, due to the expensive materials, more suitable for forging, not only to improve the quality of components internally, but also save the metal materials. Every aspect of forging more or less affect the internal quality or appearance of the quality of the forgings. Therefore, it must be in strict accordance with forging the process to complete each process.

      Forging of aluminum wheel forging rod, the surface layer of brittle α layer, forging before the need to remove the layer to avoid forging billet surface cracking caused. Diameter less than 50mm rod, you need to remove the 3mm thick surface, greater than 50mm in diameter, the need to remove the 5mm. To extruded rod, diameter less than 50mm, the car 2mm diameter greater than 50mm, general car to 3mm. After turning, such as the individual parts are still defects, local grinding to eliminate the grinding depth should not exceed 0.5mm.

      Fixed-size aluminum wheel forging blanks available sawing machine, lathe, and anodic cutting machine, punching machine, grinding aluminum wheel forging or on a forging hammer or hydraulic press cutting. The cutting efficiency is highest on the punching machine.

      1, circular saws cutting circular saw blades thickness of between 2 ~ 8mm, suitable for cutting larger diameter bar. Circular saw line speed of about 30 000 35000mm/min feed the amount of hours to get cleaner face. To prevent metal bonding tool, burns metal,available suspension to reduce friction and cool the tool.

      2, anode cutting titanium anode mechanical cutting, incision width of no more than 3mm, with a concentration of 1.28 to 1.32g/cm3 water glass as the working fluid. Anode cutting cut consumption, but most low.

      3, hammer or hydraulic press cutting cutting bar preheating to deformation starting temperature of punching (or chop cut). Commercially pure titanium on the punching machine shear cold state.

      4, lathe car cut titanium car cut, cutting speed should be 25000 30000mm/min feed volume of 0.2 ~ 0.3mm / week.The Flayer remove α layer, the car cut specification: cutting rate of 15,000 ~ 20000mm/min. Without α when turning the norms and the surface roughness: roughness Ra = 0.63 ~ 2.5, the amount of feed was 0.08 ~ 0.1mm / week; Ra = 1.25 ~ 5, the amount of feed 0.1 ~ 0.2mm / week; when Ra = 2.5 ~ 10, the feed volume of 0.3 ~ 0.4mm / week. Turning must use lubricating and cooling fluid supply 1 ~ 1.5MPa pressure.

      5, of the wheel cutting titanium alloy bars less than 60mm in diameter, to use the cutting wheel. Wheel cut more than 20mm in diameter, with coolant. Wheel cutting efficiency is high, but the shorter the life of the grinding wheel.

      Rough cut, the acute angle of the end rounding. Otherwise, end forging or may be caused by folding the top heading on horizontal forging machines. Diameter less than 50mm of rough, acute angle down radius R = 1.5 ~~ 2.0mm; diameter of more than 50mm of rough rounding and a half, the acute angle the radius R is 3 ~ 4mm.

      In manufacturing is particularly important parts such as blades, rods or fixed size blank car cylindrical ultrasound to detect internal defects.

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