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      Ningbo Sijin Machinery
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      Addr: No.1832, Jiangnan Road, high technology zone, Ningbo city, Zhejiang province.
      Tel: 0086-57488365336
      Mobile: 0086-13567842060
      Contact: Cherry Zhu
      Website: http://www.buyheicha.com
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      The first China Shanghai international fastener industry expo 2018 has come to a successful conclusion
           The first China Shanghai international fastener industry expo 2018 was held at the expo exhibition hall in Shanghai on October 21, 2018 on solstice 23. This exhibition is jointly built by China machinery general parts industry association, Hanover exhibition co., LTD and Shanghai ailuo exhibition co., LTD, aiming to give full play to the advantages of the industry and domestic and foreign resources, and build a bridge of communication, cooperation and understanding between Chinese fastener industry and global screw people. Sijin intelligent forming equipment co., LTD., as a leading domestic key manufacturer of intelligent cold heading forming equipment industry, attended this grand meeting with three series of representative models.
      1.SJBP Series 7-Station Cold Forging Machine 

      2. SJNF series 6-station part and nut forming machine 

      3.SJNP series 6-station part and nut forming machine 

      In this exhibition, new and old customers at home and abroad gather together and communicate with each other. The atmosphere on the exhibition site is warm.

      Many customers said that the demonstration of the prototype fully embodies the advanced cold heading forming technology! Our colleague Mr. Kim dong-sop, general manager of hyodong, Korea, spoke highly of sijin's achievements in cold heading research and development technology, especially in mold development technology. We firmly believe that in the near future, sijin intelligent will create a more brilliant performance!
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