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      Ningbo Sijin Machinery
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      Addr: No.1832, Jiangnan Road, high technology zone, Ningbo city, Zhejiang province.
      Tel: 0086-57488365336
      Mobile: 0086-13567842060
      Contact: Cherry Zhu
      Website: http://www.buyheicha.com
      E-mail: sijinchina@machinesijin.com
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      No pains, no gains--Sijin intelligent SJTR series high speed automatic thread rolling machine come into the marke

      Good tools make good work. With more than ten years of manufacturing cold forming equipment industry, Sijin intelligent adheres to independent innovation and develops, designs and manufactures SJTR series high-speed automatic thread rolling machine. After a series of trial production and testing, it is now fully come into the marke. SJTR series high-speed automatic thread rolling machine can be used in automobile, railway, aerospace, electric power, machinery, electrical appliances, electronics, shipbuilding, petrochemical, construction and other fields. At present,SJTR series thread rolling machines can be divided into Z and X categories, with more than 15 models. The outer diameter range covers M3-M30, which can meet the diversified production needs of customers.

       SJTR series high-speed automatic thread rolling machine has multiple advantages such as simple operation, safe and reliable, high-speed and precision, which can meet the diversified production requirements of cold forming equipment industry. It will bring greater competitive advantages to customers and create value for customers.

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